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Meera deprived of Rs2mn wrist watch


Meera deprived of Rs2mn wrist watch

LAHORE: Lollywood's top film actress, fashion model and dancer Meera was deprived of a precious wrist-watch on Tuesday which the actress bought for Rs2 million to gift to her fiancé on the eve of their engagement.
A duty officer at the B-Section police station sad that an application had been submitted on behalf of the actress, stating a wrist-watch worth Rs2 million was stolen from her house in Lahore.
Lollywood star Meera had announced about her plan to marry a Pakistani-American airline’s captain Naveed Shehzad, saying it was arranged by her family.
The actress had to gift the lost watch to her fiancé on the day of their engagement, as they plan to marry by end of this year. -- Agencies 

🕔11:01 PM - February 21, 2012


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